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Many are using the @SwaxLaxBall, the first soft, regulation weight lacrosse training ball

Wednesday, 21st March 2018

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The idea behind Swax Lax, the first soft, regulation weight lacrosse training ball, came from a longtime youth coach named Laura Gump who had noticed that kids learning lacrosse were often afraid of getting hit with the hard rubber ball.

The young players would flinch or close their eyes when receiving a pass, often holding their sticks away from their heads, which reinforces poor technique. When young children have a bad first experience with a sport — any sport — it’s very hard to win them over and lure them into trying it again.a

Prior to the invention of the Swax Lax ball, many used light, squishy lacrosse training balls or tennis balls. These balls could be frustrating for kids first learning the sport because they bounce right out of the stick even when the player does everything right. This means their muscle memory of using good stick skill form is not reinforced. Swax Lax balls are also easier to scoop up than rubber balls, and they don’t roll away as quickly, which makes for a more productive practice.

In addition to being a great training ball for youth, Swax Lax balls are also ideal for indoor training for players of all ages since the balls don’t bounce or ricochet off walls or the crossbar, and they’re gentle on hardwood gym floors. This is especially true for high school and college teams who are often prohibited from training with hard lacrosse balls indoors, which meant they were relegated to playing in the a parking lot or snow-covered fields. In fact, top high school and college programs throughout the country, including UVA and Duke, are using Swax Lax balls.

Swax Lax balls are extremely durable and can be thrown and shot at high speeds. They don’t become greasy like a used rubber lacrosse ball. For higher level players, there is the Swax Lax Pro-Grip, which has all the features of the original ball, but has a tacky texture that mimics the feel of a brand new ball in your stick.

Another product in the Swax Lax family are the goalie ball sets, which allow goalies to practice tracking the ball in the air by forcing them to call out different numbers and colors when tossed or thrown. Since Swax Lax balls are softer than hard rubber balls, it’s an innovative way to train young goalies to develop their confidence with less fear of getting hurt when they get hit.

Finally, don’t forget the smallest member of the family, the Swax Lax MiNi! It’s the perfect size for a fiddle or mini-stick and like all Swax Lax balls, it’s great for playing in the basement, tailgating, or playing on the beach in the summers.

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