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Reaction from ‘Players who Shined’ from @LaxShowcases Girls LI Prospect Camp

Monday, 18th July 2016

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By Jaclynkelli Kronemberg, Posted 7/19/16

Claire Fox said she tried to pick out opponents’ weaknesses today in the Girl’s LI Showcase Prospect Camp at Cantiague Park in Hicksville.

Players Who Shined, from left - Ashley Belfiore, Julianna O'Hara, Molly Farina, Julia Steneck, Kailee Woods & Claire Fox

Players Who Shined, from left – Ashley Belfiore, Julianna O’Hara, Molly Farina, Julia Steneck, Kailee Woods & Claire Fox

“I tried to figure out what the other players weaknesses are and trying to use that for my strength,” said the 2018 midfielder from Ursulune High (N.Y.) and 3D Tri-State. “I learned to try and pull it out if there is a lot of pressure and to try and give myself more space between the defender and myself.”

Fox was one of more than 80 uncommitted girls that competed in the event run by Long Island Lacrosse Showcases, Inc. The morning featured drills by college coaches while each player competed in three showcase games into the afternoon.

“I came to this showcase for some exposure and I’m hoping to be looked at by a few of the coaches,” said Fox. “I think I’ve been going out wide really well with my passes and transitioning.

“I started looking at colleges a little bit,” she added, about the recruiting scene. “I’m trying to talk to coaches, going to their camps and get myself a little more exposure. I’m looking for a good academic program but also a really good lacrosse team that works as a family.”

Other that shined commented on how they played, what they learned and what type of college they are looking for:

Julianna O’Hara, Attack, 2020, Legacy/Bayport Bluepoint, NY

“I definitely liked participating in this showcase. I think I did a good job of cutting and helping out my teammates so that my team was working together. I felt my whole team did a good job and we all worked well. I learned how to work with my team. I’m looking for a good college; it doesn’t have to be a big campus, just something that I would love to be a part of. I started looking at colleges already and have been sending out some videos.”

Ashley Belfiore, Goalie, 2020, LI Yellow Jackets/Eastport South Manor, NY
“The competition was good and I was able to adjust to it. I learned a lot from the coaches; I got a lot of advice and help. I learned a lot about my positioning and where I need to be. I learned that taking risks is good. I’m looking for a college that has a team that is like a family. I just started to look around a little bit.”

Molly Farina Attack 2019 Elevate/South Side, NY
“I had some friends here and I’m making new friends. I played well and having fun and I know some of the coaches. I just played like I always play. I learned that if you get to know the people you are playing with you will play better. I’m looking for a college where I’m going to have fun while playing lacrosse. I’m still looking and starting to talk to coaches.”

Kailee Woods, Midfield, 2020, LI Yellow Jackets/Rocky Point, NY
“I tried my hardest, and I made a lot of new friends. I saw how everyone was playing and I was trying to be better than them. I was taking risks. I learned to always move my feet while playing and to not just stand stationary and pass. I’m looking for a family team, a team that is really close with a nice coach. I’m looking at colleges and going to their camps.”

Julia Steneck, Defense, 2020, Legacy Blue/Bayport-Bluepoint, NY
“I joined this showcase because I wanted to see what is out there. Most of the people I was playing with are my age so it was just like a regular game. I play defense so I learned good body position and how to play with one-on-ones. I’ve been to a couple of college camps and have been to a couple of recruiting showcases like this one. I’m looking for a college with a good lacrosse team that works together.”


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