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The Stik: A tool for lacrosse players to build strength, flexibility in the arms, hands, wrist and grip

Monday, 10th November 2014

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/10/14

A potent training device created to help athletes – especially lacrosse players – build strength, flexibility and elasticity in the arms, hands, wrist and grip has been re-introduced to the public.

Jay Dyer demonstrates the Stik

Jay Dyer demonstrates the Stik

The Stik, moderately priced in three different models, has been endorsed by a Hall of Fame high school lacrosse coach as well as Jim McCrossin, the highly-regarded trainer and strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Flyers. The Stik has being used regularly by Flyers superstar Claude Giroux and two-time Stanley Cup champion Mike Richards, and according to McCrossin, has helped them improve their game.

John Nostrant, coach of the undefeated 2011 national champion Haverford School (PA) boys’ lacrosse team, has endorsed it. So has Villanova assistant coach Brian Samson, whose recently guided Conestoga to three straight Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association championships and reached the state finals in five of the past six years. One of Samson’s former players, 2014 Conestoga grad Christian Jobs, credited the Stik for helping him become an all-league face-off specialist.

Recently, renowned Johns Hopkins Strength and Conditioning coach Jay Dyer also became an endorser of The Stik. Dyer has been using The Stik with lacrosse players and with clients in his private business as a key part of his conditioning program. Dyer said boys and girls especially at the high school and college ages can benefit by using the Stik, which also has been used extensively for rehabilitation purposes.

Using The Stik for only minutes a day could help lacrosse players build strength in their forearms, upper arms, hands and wrist to improve the speed of their shot, fend off players, improve their strength at the face-off X, tighten their cradle and strengthen their check.

To learn more about the Stik or place an order, click here to access For instructional videos using the Stik, click here.

The Stik is available in three models. The 1-lb version is used for rehabilitation and the 3- and 5-lb models are used for training. You can use the Stik while watching TV, listening to music or even sitting on the bench during a game. The Stik is also easily adjustable and users can change the rate of tension for many different exercises.

F6r0er Conestoga senior face-off specialist Christian credits the Stik, a training tool, for helping him improve his game

“I look at some sports – in particular, lacrosse, baseball and golf – and those athletes rely a lot on their forearms and wrist and hand strength,” said Dyer. “It not only challenges the athlete from a strength standpoint, but it’s a piece of the puzzle in helping them develop as an athlete

“Everything you do in lacrosse is full body movement. You need strength and power throughout the entire body in order to do these movements. When it comes down to it, the final piece of the chain is your hands. They have to be strong whether you think of them as the starting point or end point.

“We have specific days we have our athletes doing forearm and grip work as part of their program. We feel it’s an important piece of developing your strength and developing as an athlete.”

Dyer said the Stik is also convenient and easy to use, adjust and carry, making it a valuable piece of any strength and conditioning program.

“It’s easy to use in regards to increasing or decreasing the tension pretty quickly,” he said. “You can pass it from one athlete to another based on their abilities as opposed to one of the old school lacrosse shafts with rope on it.

“You can have two athletes working at the same time. It’s pretty convenient because you can pass it on to the next guy and have them make adjustments.”

For more information on the Stik, including testimonials, instructions and directions, frequently asked questions and instructional videos, click here.

Editor’s note: This is the first of three stories this week detailing how the Stik can become a part of a strength and conditioning program for lacrosse players. The second story will appear Wednesday.

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