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Player reaction from Thursday’s @Nat_175 Stars and Stripes tryout at Mitchel Complex

Friday, 4th July 2014

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 7/4/14

Nearly 300 players from around the country competed Thursday at Mitchel Complex in Uniondale, N.Y. in the second Stars and Stripes tryout session for the High School Lacrosse Challenge
The tryout session kicked off the National 175 July 4 Weekend to benefit the Navy Seals Foundation. This morning the National 175 Best of the Best (BOB) Individual Showcase is being held and tonight the BOB Team Showcase opens.

Thursday’s tryout is the second of three being held to choose two United States high school teams that will face Canada (Team Maple Leaf) in mid-September at a site in Upstate New York and time to be determined. The third tryout is being held July 23 at Plymouth Whitemarsh High in the Philly suburbs.US vs Canada

This tryout drew many players that are competing this weekend in the individual and/or the team showcase tourney. interviewed three uncommitted rising stars: Henry Clay (KY) 2016 midfielder Sloan Warner (Lexington Lacrosse Academy), ThunderRidge (CO) 2015 goalie Dakota Ball (ThunderBolts) and Apex (N.C.) 2016 close defenseman/LSM Tommy DeLuca (Red Devil Lacrosse).

Henry Clay (KY) 2016 midfielder Sloan Warner (Lexington Lacrosse Academy) – competing today at Individual Showcase

What was the format of the tryout?

“They had us warm up with drills I had never seen before – we picked up groundballs and did small field drills with two attackmen, one d-pole and two goalies with middies going for groundballs so we’d get unsettled situations. Then we played in games.”

How do you feel you performed?
“I thought I played alright. It was very hot and there was a shortage of substitutes for the middies so everyone ran a lot. There were a lot of goalies, so we had to play extra to get them all opportunities. I was so tired by the end of the day.”

How did the competition compare to other events and your Kentucky region?
“The competition was good and there were a ton of kids that had committed. It’s much better than normal Kentucky lacrosse. I think we have some good athletes in Kentucky and some who compare to Long Island players, but those kids were all friends and they all know how to play lacrosse with each other.”

Did you enjoy the tryout?
“It was definitely a great time. I had seen some of these kids before, but there were many new ones. I feel more confident going into the Individual Showcase.”

Why did you attend the tryout?
“I was at UpLax last weekend and then I drove up to the Jersey shore to stay with friends and we signed up for the Individual Showcase. I saw they had this tryout and thought, ‘Why not, and I get a couple extra hours of practice at the same time.”

Dakota Ball, ThunderRidge, 2015 Goalie (ThunderBolts)

Why did you attend the tryout?
“I was supposed to be out at a tournament at Rutgers with my club team, but that didn’t work out so I thought I would go to the tryout and Individual Showcase. I couldn’t get into the Showcase, but I made the tryout.

How was the format of the tryout?
“There were a lot of goalies today. They took all the goalies, warmed us up, then did games where you stayed out there if they didn’t score on you and you went off if they did. It was kind of fun. Then we were in with the defense doing groundball drills then more drills with 3-on-2s. Then we scrimmaged and they rotated us in. When we weren’t in, they were shooting on us, so we were always doing something.

How hot was it?
“It was extremely hot, compared to Colorado. I was thinking that I was glad I not a middie, running all day.”

How did you feel you performed?
“I felt like I did pretty well. I had a lot of fun and it was good meeting lots of kids you never played with. Being one of the only kids from the west, it was cool to be with East Coast kids. There was a goalie from California.”

How was the evaluation process?
“There were 10 to 15 guys evaluating, but everybody got a lot of reps and we were always doing something. They made sure they got everybody; they kept us late to make sure we all got shots. It will definitely be hard to make the team, I am hoping for the best. I feel like I did pretty well; I’ll just have to wait form here.”

Apex (N.C.) 2016 close defenseman/LSM Tommy DeLuca (Red Devil Lacrosse) – competing in both the BOB Individual Showcase and team Showcase.

Why did you attend the tryout?
“My club team is playing in the Best of the Best Team Showcase and I was doing the Individual Showcase, so I heard about this and decided to give it a shot. It was good to see this kind of competition and it would make it that much more of an honor to make the team.”

How do you feel you performed?
“I think I did really well. There were lot of really good kids great and it was a great opportunity to play against some top kids that had committed. I think I separated myself as well. I am not committed, but I think I do fine against this type of competition and I feel I hold my own against anybody in New York.

How strong were the Long Island players?

“It seemed like all the attackment not only knew each other, but played on the same teams. The (LI) Express kids and FLG kids seemed like best buds and it’s tough when they throw a pass and they know the kid is going to be there. It wasn’t too bad, but it’s a challenge when you know these kids are just as good as you and then you get the curveball that they all know each other.

How did this experience help you for the weekend showcases?
“It definitely helps playing against all those attackmen. It’s good to see what the competition is going to like going into the tournament and the Individual Showcase. I will know what to expect.”


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