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Brine NLC: LI North’s Hatzipetrakos (Syosset) shines in All-Star Game

Tuesday, 2nd July 2013

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 7/3/13

BOYDS, Md. – If the college coaches did not know how to spell his name before, they know more about Nicholas Hatzipetrakos now.


Nicholas Hatzipetrakos

The Syosset rising junior midfielder from Long Island North scored three goals Tuesday to help the White All-Stars topple the Blue, 8-3, in the 2015-16 All-Star Game at the Brine National Lacrosse Classic here at the Maryland Soccerplex.

Besides his performance in the All-Star Game, Hatzipetrakos has been a key for LI North’s drive to the playoffs. His squad went undefeated in pool play and is playing this morning in the quarterfinals vs. Ohio.

“The experience is great,” said Hatzipetrakos. “We had a great (All-Star) team. There are a lot of great kids from all over the country and a lot of competition.”

Hatzipetrakos said many of the members of the Long Island North squad already knew each other before the games began Monday.

“We have great goalkeepers and lot of chemistry,” he said. “There is a lot of ball movement. The offense has put up numbers; I think we have 35 goals and only nine given up. The defense is doing great.”

Boys’ All-Star teams for Brine National Lacrosse Classic

2014 – Blue

33 Jonathon Thelen Attack L FLA
34 Garrett Christianson Attack L MD
85 Alex Bianchi Attack R ROCH
37 Ryan Kelly Attack R SYR
28 Mark Anstead Attack R DC
27 Mitchell Andres Attack R NE-N
74 Jake Merrill Mid R MD
10 Mark Smith Mid R FLA
43 Connor Byrne Mid R LI-N
66 JB Smith Mid R OH
13 Troy Deyo Mid R SYR
38 Justin Dennis Mid R TENN
65 Bobby Beers Mid R DC
24 Scott Gwyn Mid R WEST
63 Joey Giuffrida Defense R FLA
40 Ethan Miller Defense R ILL
92 Cole Woodward Defense R GA
31 Greg Whyl Defense R ROCH
51 Spencer Barco Defense R OH
97 John Manown Defense R NE-N
50 Eric Barrosow Goalie L MICH
95 Matthrew McCarthy Goalie R GA

William Nowesnick Defense L ILL
Declan Borcich Defense R NJ-N
Conor Healy Mid L VA
Grayson Miller Attack R West
Lance Gibson Goalie R NJ-N

2014 White
Jersey First Name Last Name Position Hand Team

25 Reed Ziegler Attack R GA
39 Daniel Grossman Attack R LI-S
87 Nick Forrest Attack R MD
58 Peter Desimone Attack L NE-N
81 A.J Macdonald Attack L NE-N
49 Eric Munn Attack R ROCH
4 Jonathon Spevacek Mid R FLA
46 Brendan Donnelly Mid L LI-N
53 Nicholas Orlowski Mid R LI-S
98 Brett Mazza Mid R NE-S
57 Matthew Fischetti Mid R NJ-N
77 Daniel Hallah Mid R NJ-S
26 Steven Forrest Mid L NE-N
93 Andrew McLaughlin Mid R DC
121 Howard Austin Defense L MD
144 Bradford Marcotte Defense R NE-S
196 Ryan Kiess Defense R NJ-N
103 Blake Rickan Defense R ROCH
56 Stephen Gottlieb Defense R NJ-S
96 Connor Dubois Defense R MICH
30 Sam Bebout Goalie R NJ-N
88 Max Smith Goalie R SYR

Eric Thysse Mid R DC
Kenneth Carroll Defense R MICH
Brian Kerrigan R NE-S
Cameron Gilchrist Mid R NC
Eddie Renaud Attack L MICH
Colin Bressam Right Goalie VA

2015-16 – Black

Jersey First Name Last Name Position Hand Team Year
71 Christian Fiordelisi Attack R LI-N 2015
62 Patrick Brennan Attack R MD 2015
51 Johnnie Wagner Attack L MICH 2015
10 Troy Hanlon Attack R NJ-N 2015
98 Bryan Wright Attack L NJ-S 2016
84 Tyler Hegyesi Attack R Ohio 2015
43 Nicholas Hatzipetrakos Mid R LI-N 2015
82 Matthew Manown Mid R NE-N 2016
92 John Tierney Mid R NE-S 2015
72 Evan Bernard Mid R NJ-N 2015
61 Steven Boyle Mid R NJ-S 2015
53 Tristen Ierlan Mid R ROCH 2016
15 Wylie Mendicino Mid R VA 2015
13 Ryan Lynch Mid R WEST 2015
80 Ellis Llewellyn Defense R NC 2015
99 Jack Toomb Defense R OHIO 2015
52 Griffin Schultz Defense R PA 2015
12 Hop Matthews Defense R TENN 2015
79 John Ober Defense R VA 2015
18 Ryan Reed Defense Right DC 2016
22 Jake Adams Goalie R Tenn 2015
21 Matt Sefcik Goalie R NJ-S 2015
94 John Piatelli Mid R NE-N 2016

2015-16 – White
Jersey First Name Last Name Position Hand Team Year

36 Jackson Lienhart Attack R Tenn 2015
73 Preston Tippett Attack L GA 2015
20 Kansai Garey Attack L ILL 2015
94 Carter Hawthorne Attack R LI-N 2015
77 Tyler Reynolds Attack R LI-S 2015
59 Matthew Sovero Attack R MD 2015
63 Ian Mahanes Mid L ILL 2015
41 Griffin Baranthan Mid R LI-N 2015
44 Patrick Dery Mid R MICH 2015
11 Jake Korus Mid R NE-N 2015
83 Lyndon Cozart Mid L NC 2015
26 Steven Kidlow Mid R OH 2015
74 James Felix Mid R ROCH 7-Jul
45 Jack Jasinski Mid R TENN 2015
56 Josh Williamson Def R FLA 2015
25 Thomas Bleleifuss Def R ILL 2015
40 Nicholas Deluca Def R LI-S 2015
85 Chad Petterson Def R MD 2015
23 Austin Evans Def L NC 2015
54 Mack Rush Def R NE-N 2015
14 Austin Cotton Goalie R FLA 2015
19 Dylan Moser Goalie R LI-N 2015


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