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Wantagh junior Connolly finds trip to Philly Girls Showcase was well worth the trip

Sunday, 4th November 2012

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/4/12

WESTTOWN, Pa. – Wantagh junior midfielder Brenna Connolly had to be one of the most thankful girls to compete Saturday at the Philly Girls Showcase at Westtown School.

Brenna Connolly

Coming from Long Island, Connolly saw first-hand the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy the past week.

“It’s scary, Wantagh is on the water and I know at least five people whose houses were completely destroyed,” she said. “We didn’t have school all well. Luckily, we lost only our power and we had a little bit of flooding and some trees down. We had a lot of family over our house staying due to the power outages.”

Connolly was one of only a few Long Island girls that made it to the Philly Showcase, which featured 225 elite players in the classes of 2013, 2014 and 2015 and 2016.

“I made the trip up here; I wanted to get here and get away from the chaos,” she said. “There was a little bit of traffic because everybody was trying to get out of New York.”

The trip was well worth it for Connolly, who was named to the Fab 40 All-Star Game for the 2013/2014 classes.

“It was a lot of fun meeting new friends and getting out to play,” she said. “It was great competition in all different ages. It was cold, but the weather was good.”

Meanwhile, Ward Melville sophomore midfielder Morgan Graham was happy to make the trip to Philly. She was still without power at her home.

“We lost our power but no trees fell down,” said Graham. “I have been staying at home, but I have been showering at my gym.

“The competition is always good and I feel I did OK. I wanted to improve my skills.”

The All-Stars for the 2013/2014 classes for the Philly Girls Showcase at Westtown School:

Overall top graded player for morning sessions:
Allie Specht, midfielder, William Mason (OH), 2014

White Team All-Stars
Madison Acra, attack, Norfolk Academy (VA), 2014
Briana Barone, defense, Spring-Ford, 2013
Hannah Bertolo, midfield, Franklin Regional, 2013
Liz Botto, midfield, Upper Merion, 2014
Jessica Boyle, midfield, Great Valley, 2014
Georgia Breit, midfield, Cape Henry Collegiate (VA), 2014
Kaytren Bruner, attack, Cape Henry Collegiate (VA), 2014
Brenna Connolly, midfield, Wantagh, 2014
Erica Coyne, midfield, Garnet Valley, 2014
Catahreenah Corcoran, defense, Wyoming Seminary, 2013
Dana Davis, midfield, Garnet Valley, 2014
Victoria DiGiacobbe, attack, Notre Dame Academy, 2014
Brittany Edwards, attack, Great Valley, 2014
Sabrina Fusco, attack, Garnet Valley, 2014
Morgan Guarneri, goalie, Avon Grove, 2014
Brittany Hazard, midfield, Archbishop Carroll, 2014
Arden Johnston, midfield, Ridley, 2014
Brigid Kyne, midfield, Marple Newtown, 2013
Paige Mitros, goalie, Garnet Valley, goalie, 2014

Black Team All-Stars
Natalie Fury, defense, Interboro, 2014
Allison Garbely, attack, Mahwah (NJ), 2014
Hayley Kilian, attack, Ridley, 2014
Moirgan Lamey, midfield, Charter School of Wilmington, 2014
Isabella Levine, midfield, Louisville Collegiate (KY), 2014
Paige Paratore, midfield, West Deptford (NJ), 2014
Claire Peck, attack, Mt. St. Dominic Academy (NJ), 2014
Rachel Perry, defense, Boyertown, 2013
Cat Rainone, goalie, Marple Newtown, 2013
Melanie Reilly, goalie, Bishop Sullivan (Va), 2014
Kylie Riddell, midfield, Bishop Shanahan, 2014
Molly Savage, defense, Garnet Valley, 2014
Shelby Scanlin, midfield, Cardinal Gibbons (NC), 2014
Dana Siepietowski, midfield, Boyertown, 2014
Allie Specht, midfield, William Mason (OH), 2014
Haley Warden, midfield, Garnet Valley, 2014
Victoria Weinstock, midfield Brookfield (CT), 2014
Casey Zalewski, attack, Wall (NJ), 2013
Rachel Zucker, attack, Wissahickon, 2014

The All-Stars for the 2015/2016 classes for Saturday’s Philly Girls Showcase at Westtown School:

Overall top graded player for morning sessions:
Emily McBride, midfielder, Manheim Township, 2015

White Team All-Stars
Ryann Bauer, midfield, Henderson, 2016
Sarah Benziger, midfield, Pennsbury 2016
Cassie Blair, attack, Unionville, 2015
Monica Borzillo, attack, Conestoga, 2016
Megan Camden, defense, Downingtown West, 2015
Christine Carugati, midfield, Pennington Prep (NJ), 2016
Sophie Castillo, midfield, Parkland, 2015
Julie Cross, midfield, Upper Dublin, 2015
Caroline Farley, midfield, Shawnee (NJ), 2015
Morgan Foster, Princeton Day (NJ), attack, 2015
Sydney Gagnon, goalie, Downingtown East, 2016
Katie Garvey, midfield, Unionville, 2015
Rachel Glenn, defense, Garnet Valley, 2015
Emma Hill, attack, Agnes Irwin, 2015
Kerry Huzzard, midfield, Owen J. Roberts, 2016
Mairead Janzer, midfield, Haverford High, 2015
Michelle Koscinski, defense, Garnet Valley, 2016
Julie Krupnick, goalie, Mountain Lakes (NJ), 2016
Sophie MacFarlane, midfield, Friends’ Central, 2015
Mackenzie Maguire, midfield, Sparta (NJ), 2015

Black Team All-Stars
Hannah Keating, attack, Agnes Irwin, 2016
Emily Krupnick, defense, Mountain Lakes (NJ), 2016
Lauren Marte, goalie, Cocalico, 2015
Julia Massaro, midfield, Rye Country Day (NY), 2015
Emily Mathewson, midfield, Garnet Valley, 2016
Emily McBride, midfield, Manheim Township, 2015
Kaeleigh Morrill, attack, Darien (CT), 2016
Christy Palazzese, midfield, Episcopal Academy, 2015
Laura Pansini, midfield, Baldwin School, 2016
Alison Pantazes, midfield, Middletown (DE), 2015
Emily Pantazes, midfield, Middletown (DE), 2015
Adriana Pendino, midfield, Moorestown (NJ), 2015
Allie Rogers, attack, Kent Place (NJ), 2015
Emily Santana, midfield, Springfield-Delco, 2015
Margaret Stetson, midfield, Conestoga, 2015
Sara Szynal, midfield, Summit (NJ), 2016
Elena Thomas, goalie, Marple Newtown, 2015
Madison Valerio, midfield, Garnet Valley, 2015
Rachel Warden, defense, Garnet Valley, 2016

The boxscores from Saturday’s All-Star Games at the Philly Girls Showcase at Westtown School:

2013/2014 classes MVP Award:
Melanie Reilly, goalie, Bishop Sullivan (Va), 2014

White team 7-1 – 8
Black team 4-4- 8

White Team scoring
Madison Acra, Norfolk Academy (VA), 2014 – 2 goals
Liz Botto, Upper Merion, 2014 – 1 goal
Kaytren Bruner, Cape Henry Collegiate (VA), 2014 – 1 goal
Victoria DiGiacobbe, Notre Dame Academy, 2014 – 1 goal
Brittany Edwards, Great Valley, 2014 – 1 goal
Sabrina Fusco, Garnet Valley, 2014 – 1 goal
Erica Coyne, Garnet Valley, 2014 – 1 goal

Goalies – Paige Mitros (Garnet Valley, 2014), Morgan Guarneri (Avon Grove, 2014)

Black Team scoring

Shelby Scanlin, Cardinal Gibbons (NC), 2014 – 3 goals
Claire Peck, attack, Mt. St Dominic (NJ) – 2 goals
Allie Specht, William Mason (OH), 2014 – 1 goal
Haley Warden, Garnet Valley, 2014 – 1 goal
Rachel Zucker, Wissahickon, 2014 – 1 goal

Goalie – Melanie Reilly (Bishop Sullivan, Va, 2014)

2015/2016 classes MVP Award:
Lauren Marte, goalie, Cocalico, 2015

White team 3-5 – 8
Black team 8-10- 18

White Team scoring

Sophie Castillo, Parkland, 2015 – 2 goals
Monica Borzillo, Conestoga, 2016 – 2 goal
Sophie MacFarlane, Friends’ Central, 2015 – 1 goal
Mackenzie Maguire, Sparta (NJ), 2015 – 1 goal
Caroline Farley, Shawnee (NJ), 2015 – 1 goal
Kerry Huzzard, Owen J. Roberts, 2016 – 1 goal

Goalies – Sydney Gagnon, (Downingtown East, 2016), Julie Krupnick (Mountain Lakes, 2016)

Black Team scoring

Hannah Keating, Agnes Irwin, 2016 – 3 goals
Julia Massaro, Rye Country Day (NY), 2015 – 3 goals
Kaeleigh Morrill, Darien (CT), 2016 – 3 goals
Adriana Pendino, Moorestown (NJ), 2015 – 2 goals
Christy Palazzese, midfield, Episcopal Academy, 2015 – 1 goal
Sara Szynal, Summit (NJ), 2016 – 2 goals
Emily Santana, Springfield-Delco, 2015 – 1 goal
Allie Rogers, Kent Place (NJ), 2015 – 1 goal
Laura Pansini, Baldwin School, 2016 – 1 goal
Madison Valerio, Garnet Valley, 2015 – 1 goal

Goalie – Lauren Marte (Cocalico, 2015); Elena Thomas (Marple Newtown, 2015)


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