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For the Love of the Game boys’ club team enjoys exposure in front of more than 100 college coaches at Quaker Fall LaxFest in Radnor (PA)

Tuesday, 8th November 2011

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/8/11

RADNOR, Pa – A mixture of players from the Class of 2013, 2014 and 2015 combined to make up a squad as For the Love of the Game competed again at the Quaker Fall LaxFest Sunday at Radnor High in suburban Philadelphia.

For the Love of the Game players (from left) R.J. Biel, Chandler Kirby, Ryan Purcell and Jake Kiernan competed in the Quaker Fall LaxFest Sunday at Radnor High

The event features 16 of the top club teams on the East Coast – including fellow Long Island squads Sting and Express – and drew overall 100 college coaches from 90 programs. Each team played three games on the four-field campus as the tournament focused on recruiting and exposure.

For the Love of the Game players gave these comments to

Junior defenseman Chandler Kirby, of Jericho High:

“I love playing lacrosse; it’s my passion. I love coming here because you get so much exposure from the college coaches. Any game you can be seen by anyone. It’s great that you can be seen playing the game you love.

“Some younger kids are playing with older competition. It’s helping everyone to get seen. The recruiting process is starting earlier than ever so it’s great being out here.”

Junior attack R.J. Biel, of St. Dominick:

“I knew there was going to be a lot of good competition and a lot of good teams from all over. I didn’t expect all these coaches for a fall program, but it’s definitely great exposure and you can get some looks. You’re just looking for that one big game.

“We have to work on running a more solid offense, getting a 1-3-2 in. Our man-ups are looking good. We have some younger guys working in, but overall I think we bonded together.”

Junior goalie Ryan Purcell, of MacArthur HS:

“I’m just happy to get some exposure out there and showcase my talents and to keep going with the recruiting process, It’s kind of hard having a younger team and older team mix, especially since some guys haven’t played together. But we are playing well and showcasing our talents.

“The younger player are stepping up. It’s a great tournament here with a lot of coaches and a lot of teams. It’s great competition.”

Junior defenseman Jake Kiernan, of St. Dominick:

“This is awesome. I am happy to be out here. Our first game was difficult, but then it got a lot easier and easier (to jell). It is intimidating seeing them (the college coaches) at first, but once the first half goes along you get into the game zone.”


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