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Three Long Island club teams to compete Sunday in Quaker Fall LaxFest at Radnor High (PA)

Monday, 31st October 2011

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 10/31/11

Sixteen of the top club teams in the Eastern region of the country and Canada will compete Sunday in the annual Quaker Fall LaxFest at Radnor High.

The tourney features three Long Island teams – The Sting, For the Love of the Game and Express among the field. There will be seven Philly squads – the Dukes’ L.C., HEADstrong, Twist, LB3, Rebel Elite, Mesa Fresh 2013 and Mesa Fresh 2014 – as well as Upstate New York’s Central NY RoadHawks, New Jersey’s Tri-State and Leading Edge 2013, Maryland’s Baltimore Crabs, Virginia’s MadLax and and Canada’s Edge.

Each team will play three 60 minute games. The format is round-robin and action runs from 9a.m.-4:30 p.m. Four fields at Radnor High School will be utilized – two are turf and two are natural grass.

Coaches from more than 75 Division I, II and III colleges attended last year’s event.

Quaker Fall LaxFest, Sunday, Nov. 6
At Radnor High
Teams competing

Baltimore Crabs (MD)
CNY RoadHawks (NY)
Duke’s L.C. (PA)
Edge (Canada)
FLG/Long Island Select (NY)
HEADstrong Elite (PA)
LB3 (PA)
Leading Edge 2013 (NJ)
Long Island Express (NY)
Long Island Sting (NY)
MadLax (VA/MD)
Mesa Fresh 2013 (PA)
Mesa Fresh 2014 (PA)
Rebel Elite (PA)
Tri-State (NJ)
Twist 2013 (PA)


#1 MadLax ’13 Orange v. Mesa Fresh ’14
#2 Edge Canada ’14 v. LI Express Orange
#3 BLC Crabs ’13 v. HEADstrong
#4 Dukes v. Leading Edge ’13

10:15 AM
#1 Tri-State All-Stars v. Twist ’13
#2 Rebel Elite v. Roadhawks Central
#3 Mesa Fresh ’13 v. LI Sting Black
#4 FLG v. LB3

11:30 AM
#1 BLC Crabs ’13 v. Edge Canada ’14
#2 Leading Edge ’13 v. MadLax ’13 Orange
#3 Dukes v. LI Express Orange
#4 HEADstrong v. Mesa Fresh ’14

12:45 PM
#1 FLG v. Rebel Elite
#2 LI Sting Black v. LB3
#3 Tri-State All-Stars v. Roadhawks Central
#4 Mesa Fresh ’13 v. Twist ’13

2 PM
#1 HEADstrong v. MadLax ’13 Orange
#2 Edge Canada ’14 v Mesa Fresh ’14
#3 Dukes v. BLC Crabs ’13
#4 LI Express Orange v. Leading Edge ’13

3:15 PM
#1 LB3 v. Rebel Elite
#2 Tri-State All-Stars v. Mesa Fresh ’13
#3 FLG v. Roadhawks Central
#4 LI Sting Black v. Twist ’13


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